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Can't edit in Content Editor - content obscured by full screen menu

I’m creating a website for a client, with the idea being they can manage their own ongoing updates.

Unfortunately, in the Content Editor it’s impossible to edit anything…

The page is obscured by a full screen/drop down menu I’m using. I guess because the menu is ‘fixed’, and has a high z-index.

Is there something I can do differently to make this type of menu and Content Editor play nicely?
If anyone can help me solve this I’m naming my first born after them.

Here’s the site:

Thanks in advance

It’s doing exactly what you set it to do. Try Absolute to see if it will do what you want.

That helped, but only to an extent - now the full screen menu can be bypassed by scrolling down (revealing editable content further down the page). However, it still sits above the landing section content.

Think it’s to do with the way the menu has been built. I cloned this menu to begin with. I’ve made drop down menus before that didn’t have this issue, so might just be easier to build one from scratch - unless you had any other thoughts?

Either way thanks for your help.


I apologize for my misunderstanding. I thought the idea was to scroll into view all that nice stuff.

I just changed menu class d-47-menu-item-text to a Z of 100 and WOW!

It’s a bit annoying, I’m really happy with the site as is.
Just a shame that my client would not be able to use the Content Editor as planned.

Thanks again

I feel I have to show you what I see on my side which will explain my answers and may solve the editor issue.

When I open to the homepage, the top image is what I see and there is no interactions. I can’t click on anything, no scrolling, nothing. Hence the answer about being fixed. Then I changed the Z on the 47-menu-wrapper and the second picture is what I see and everything works. I then changed back to fixed but left the Z and all is well. I’m now thinking the second image is what you’re after. Try that one little thing and see if the editor works. I can’t get to the editor from here.

Hi again,

You’re exactly right, the second image is what I’m after.
I played around with the Z index but still no luck in Content Editor.

The best solution I found was to use an interaction trigger to set the initial state of the menu to display none. Now in Content Editor the menu is hidden. For a couple of reasons it’s not the ideal solution, but better than nothing

Thanks again for all your help