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Cant find some options to limit Items in a collection list



I want to rebuild this CMS Slider from this video:
At 2:56 he is talking about limiting the items in the list.
I cant find the option on my collection list. Is it somewhere else or is this option completely removed?

Thanks for your help.


Hi @jonalange

It should still be there - click on your collection list, then settings, then collection list settings. Just under the filter, and sort options is a tick box for ‘limit items’.

Can you take a screenshot if things are looking different for you? Or share your preview link (project settings) so we can take a look specifically at your project.

Hope that helps


You find my “Slider” here: Portfolio -> Composing

Thanks for your help.


Hi @jonalange

This seems strange - @cyberdave are you around to take a quick look - can’t seem to find a way to get the ‘limit items’ to show ?


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