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Cant find where i can edit the hover text


Hi! I got this problem:

There is a text and a coloured background appearing when hover the images in this page::

I can't find out where to edit the text and the background color! I spent a lot of time figure ot this. Its probably something easy that i just lost on the way. Is there anyone who can help me out explaining what i am actually doing wrong here? smile




Hi could you give us your sites' sharing link please?


Thanks! Follow this link, then choose the page "concepts", thats the page i am talking about smile


Find the element in the hierarchy tab and check if it's hidden by opacity or display, or both, then make it appear then edit.

See how here:


Thanks so much Vincent for the help! With video and all! smile


The "find where to edit" game in Webflow is my favorite! Pleasure is mine smile


Actually got the same type of problem, again!

If anyone could look at the same page, on the "home copy" page. There is a loading session on this template which i am also trying to locate. I did try to do the same procedure but can't find it! The same with the drop down that is arriving when pressing the contact button!

Could need help also with those ones frowning


Hi @webbor smile

this screencap might help you smile


So much thanks, i actually found out about the loader. Now i am dealing with the contact menu thing smile or frowning
The function of the loader made sense but the contact menu that is visible when pressing the contact link is hard to find out!

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