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Can't get link to collection page to work


I'm trying to learn dynamic linking. I've just stated using webflow.

In my Categories page from the template, if I click on the Nature photo I'm linked to the dynamic Nature collection page. That works great. I tried to manually duplicate that structure into a "Services" collection and page structure for my own purposes. If I click on "Services" on my home page nav header and then click on the "Tree and Brush Mulching" photo in my new Services page, I'd like to be directed to a dynamic collection page, the same as how the "Nature" page works. But mine is not working.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong???

Here's my public link:

The webflow created dynamic "Nature" link is < a class="category-block w-inline-block" href="/categories/nature" >

But my generated code doesn't have an href at all:

< a class="category-block w-inline-block"> < div class="category-thumbnail" style="background-image: url('');" >< div class="dark-overlay" >< /div > < div class="category-name" >Tree & Brush Mulching< /div > < /div >< /a > < /div >< div class="w-col w-col-4 w-dyn-item" >

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is my public share link:
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Could it be that you haven't added a service link?

And don't you want it to link to the service?


That's a field I've added, but probably should not have. The default template I used doesn't have such a field and it works great. Look at their Categories/Nature collection and dynamic page. They don't have any link at all in their collection fields.

Also, in the template version, they don't have a link to the current service either.


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