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Can't I remove the badge with a basic hosting plan?


Hi all

I have a website with a basic hosting plan.
And I cant turn off the Webflow Branding.

Both the Display "Made In Webflow" badge and Display Webflow branding in HTML are in the off position.
But are still showing.

Am I reading the hosting plan wrong? OR is this a bug?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jonas,

Thanks so much for posting, and welcome to Forums!

Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:


Hi Brando,

your answer seems to be an autoreply, as Jonas already mentioned in his post, he switched the two switches to OFF.

@JonasRue If this problem still exists, don't hesitate to send your Read-Only link to Brando. Otherwise he cannot help you.


Don't forget you need to republish the project after changing the settings.


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