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Can't make body background fixed


Hello people!

I guess there is still problems with mobile view and "background-attachment: fixed"?

I saw it was a problem with i-phones, but looks like on Android it doesn't work too. And at the end it stops working on desktop too.

I tried give body it's own class and even use my custom CSS file, but still nothing... Help, please, I desperate.

link to designer mode



On desktop, for me, you body bg is fixed, works well.

On mobile, I can't get why it does not work as fixed.


I guess it's just because that you have currently turned it of, right? But as from what I can see in the designer, in mobile view, you have your bg-settings set to non-fixed:

But if you didn't new so, then I guess that would probably work for you (to set it to fixed) smile


Ok guys, Thanks a lot!!! I fixed my mistake and checked all views one more time.

On desktop it is bug with GOOGLE CHROME frowning FireFox shows correct

On Smartphones and Tablets it doesn't work correct at all ... Grrrrrrrrrrr


Hi @sabanna, thanks for the read only link. Could you also share your published site url where you are hosting the exported files? cheers, dave smile


Hello Cyberdave. Thanks for coming for help. Link to site is here
I m using webflow hosting.

Problem with Google Chrome desktop view was fixed last night, suddenly it started work correctly. But all android gadgets do not shows body background fixed. So I had to add background pictures on every section, covering body . And even then, it doesn't shows it fixed. Well, at least it has no white (no background) parts.

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