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Can't make element display to none


I have an element called DIV HERO ALL. It's duplicated to have different interactions in desktop and mobile. The element for mobile can't seem to display none no matter what I do, and it's supposed to be none, so that when you click the + sign, it opens. How can I fix this??

Here is the shared link:




Instead of using this:

Try using this:


It's exactly the way it is. I don't really understand what changes I need to make. The element should be displayed to none so that when people click the + sign, that element will appear on the website.


The problem is that I need interactions to be different on desktop and mobile. That's why I duplicated the element. But the duplicated element can't be displayed to none.

Any help?? Thanks.


Hi @aerismel, seems that there is some opacity style set to 100% on the mobile portrait view, that once removed, seems to make it work better. Can you check?

Cheers, Dave

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