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Can't Recreate This Websites Effects ☹


Hello Webflow brethren,

Was hoping one of u geniuses might be able to help me with something…

This is website A -->

It has a few different effects/interactions going on, but the one in particular that I’m stumped with is the changing background colour upon new images scrolling into view (it also works in reverse as you scroll back up). I’ve tried multiple different combinations and potential interaction settings but nothing seems to work :pensive: (I’m still very much a newbie so it could very well be my lack of skill :man_facepalming:)

I’ve put my shareable link below and the specific page I’m trying to get this effect to happen on is the “Heritage” page (it’s the unfinished and crappy looking page lol).
Any help would really be appreciated :bowing_man:

Thanks Webflow Wizards! :mage:

Sina Rad

Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)


Hi Sizart, you can clone the example:
The underlying interactions are not complicated. It is done with legacy interactions (before IX2). When the album art is moving in the viewport/out of the viewport, the background color changes.


Dude… ur an angel :pray::pray::pray:

Totally didn’t realize this project was cloneable (and I also didn’t even know about Legacy Interactions lol :man_facepalming::sweat:)

Appreciate it man!!!
Totally solved my problem.

Sina Rad



Here is a more simple example of this trick…


Apologies for such a late reply Eli11!
But I just wanted to say thanks so much :pray::pray::pray:
I ended up going with ur suggestion actually, it’s so brilliantly simple yet elegant :weary::ok_hand:

Really saved me man!

Sina Rad