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Can't remove CSS transitions!


So...I created some transition effects on a few items and when I try to remove them and try different css effects they won't go away. I have exited, logged off, logged back on, erased all the transitions, and still they won't go away and I'm kind of on a dead line to get something done. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys!


CTRL/CMD + REFRESH should do the work.


Let me try that out....just getting logged in now.


didnt work. I really don't know whats wrong...but its a consistent issue. I applied a css transition on hover and then when i delete the transition, or click un-do, even with clicking control and refresh....i hover over the icon and its going crazy...not even a smooth transition, its all glitchy. help!


Publish, give a link to published site and a troubleshooting link (from the Dashboard).