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Can't resize checkbox


Hi there!

Using webflow, first time faced checkboxes function and stucked. I put checkbox field inside form, but for me checkbox icon is too small - i tried to change its size with typography settings but nothing changes.. Tried to increase size of div where checkbox placed but no result..
What I'm doing wrong?


Hi @Sergey_Lysykh

You're doing nothing wrong. The checkboxes in Webflow are very limited when it comes to styling. Unfortunately you can only resize it just a bit by increasing the font size. More customizabe settings are on the wishlist at Webflow but probably pretty far down on it. :confused:

Hope I cleared some of your questionmarks :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for reply, Steven!

But I suppose I do wrong something, coz even changing the font size doesn't make effect

Here is my public link

You can find checkbox block easily - i put it on first screen and colored violet


Unless, I'm wrong, you aren't doing anything wrong; there's only a small increase in size you can make to the checkbox. Maybe I'm wrong and somebody else can chime in on this.

Another option is to make custom checkboxes.



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