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Captcha and Spam (still)


Can anyone help me on the spam and captcha front? I have a pretty basic form with the Google Captcha set up but it seems I’m still getting a load of spam/nonsense/bot responses.

What’s the best way of dealing with this?


Me too have the same problem…

No one from Webflow got an answer for this?

Hello Guys! Let’s work on that. First, let’s see: Can you guys send us a sample of spam? There are different kinds and we need to know which one we’re talking about in order to tackle this issue

One solution you could try is filtering out all the emails that are not ending with a business name with some javascript, there are a bunch of tutorials on the forum.

Here you go

I also have the same problem. In my case, the solution from ColibriMedia about filtering emails will not help me because the spams I am getting is every day from a different domain…
Any solution?