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Card flip - child perspective inconsistency


I was just messing around testing a card flip animation and I noticed something weird seems to be going on with the children perspective. There are 6 cards here and they are all exactly the same (and populated via a collection). The children perspective is set on the body - but when I test this I can only see the perspective effect being applied to the top row:

Does anyone know why that might be? Do you see the same thing? Is this a bug perhaps, or am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: This seems to be related to the ‘wrap children’ function that I’ve applied to the flexbox containing the cards as when I remove this so that they’re all on one row the perspective returns.


You should apply the Parent Perspective to the Section div, not the Body.

I applied 1024px on the Section div and it worked on all cards:


Hmm thanks but that still doesn’t appear to work for me :disappointed:

It’s currently published with it on the section div and still behaving the same way. I tried it on all the other surrounding divs too.


Oh it actually is working now… confused, thanks!

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