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Carousel Slider for products possible?


I am trying to create products to appear in a slide format that scrolls endlessly. I’ve hit a bump in which it only moves to the next slide in groups/batches and not incrementally by user scroll. You also can’t slide the objects left to right save by press a left and right button which is for mobile. I strongly encourage swipe support with fingers.

Finally, does anyone know how to make each item not stack to the 2nd row so that with the current limitation of the slider the next set of products appears in the next slide instead of at the bottom 2nd row?



I saw an example that has some of the solution here by webflow. Unfortunately they didn’t go into detail how to make it work with e-commerce:

However, I don’t think it can be setup to take in a Collection List of E-Commerce products atm just individual images created manually. Anyone know how to make that example happen while using the auto product collection list?

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Dyanamic sliders isn’t yet launched but it is a planned release. I’m sorry that this feature isn’t out yet. There are some workarounds involving embedding dynamic lists into the slides but it is far from automatic like you want. Creating a Dynamic Slider in Webflow


Another way basic way to do this for simple sliders (if you don’t need pagination) is to create a slider and use dynamic lists in each slide, then use filters to put them in order, etc.

Here’s a link to a tutorial I posted a while back for that simple method, I imagine this will work with dynamic products as well, however it won’t be “endless” and you’ll have to set a predetermined amount of slides from the designer, unless you add another work around: CMS and Sliders


Hi DFink,

You might not have the answer, but these improvements would most likely come during beta or after beta/release? Do you know? It would make more sense to have them be released during beta for testing and then deployed for happy paying customers. I really do hope it’s the first as many of us would like to avoid subscribing to a service and testing them same time, but I understand there are no work around to some of these processes.




This feature hasn’t been release to anyone yet as far as I know. I’m sorry I don’t have better news. Hopefully it will be launched soon.