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CDN Issues Causing Images to Load Uncompressed?


Site had been loading swiftly earlier in the week and now images no longer seem compressed.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Enable a content delivery network (CDN) for your store

Internet connections and improved hosting capabilities have sped up the time it takes for a shopper to load your store, there can still be unforeseen delays. And sometimes those delays are unavoidable if a shopper is across the globe from where your server is located.

A CDN makes use of caching to deliver stored content from local servers instead of on-demand content from a single location, speeding up the experience for all your shoppers.

With a CDN like CloudFlare or Amazon CloudFront, cached (that is, not current-to-the-second) copies of your store will be shown to visitors. Visitors will also receive content from the CDN server that’s closest to them. Both of these things speed up load time dramatically, especially for large photos and media files.

Along with compression, utilizing a CDN is a fantastic way to serve product photos super quickly, especially if you don’t update your store on an extremely frequent basis. (And of course, if anything requires an urgent update, you can turn the CDN off.)

A few other ways you can balance fast and fantastic

  • Opt for white backgrounds.
  • Eliminate unnecessary product shots.
  • Load thumbnails first and only bring up the full size on click.
  • If photos aren’t working, try video… hosted offsite.

If you have access to Adobe Photoshop, try the “save for web” option.

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