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Centering a Slider



I am having trouble testing my site on my phone all the element are not 100% centered.

In my troubleshooting I believe the slider may be the problem. Can you help me with recommendations on which element of a slider should be set to inline block?

The 'inline block' changes I have made to the slider have resulted in the slider padding 600% to the right.

I attached a screenshot of my design, one slider within a section.
Many thanks for your help,


Hi @Chris_Lo_Bue, a couple of quick things, first, if there is a way for you to share your public preview URL which you can enable from site settings, it will help us here on the forum to help you smile

Second, you mentioned the problem is with elements in your page centering when on mobile. The screenshot you gave is the view at Desktop, so if you have a screenshot of mobile which sections are not centering as you wish, it may help to show that screenshot.



Thank you Dave,

I'm a bit new to Webflow, here is a preview URL.

Please note within the mobile view of Webflow everything looks good. But, on my Galaxy S3, the sliders are left justified. I appreciate you responding to me over the weekend.



Hi there, can you try to set your left and right margins to auto on the following class selectors:

Slider, Image.

Like so:


See if that helps for you.



Morning Dave,

I think something else is causing the left justification. I did set the slider to auto margins as you suggested and that helped for a fresh page load display. My page content was centered, however if you pinch and zoom, then zoom out my page content is left justified. I notice this happening on my ipad as well.

On another page of mine named ' portfolio-new-jersey-wedding-photography ' I removed the slider to see if the slider was the problem, but it is acting the same way.

If I could trouble you to take a look at my site elements again to see if something else I have set is making this happen, I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks


Hi Dave

Thanks for your help, I figured out my problem.



Ok great Chris, may I ask, what was it that you changed?


Sure Dave,

I noticed my header with my logo, phone number and address had added
padding to it...

Thanks again for your help!