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Centering logo in middle of nav bar doesn't quite work


Here's my site:

I read through this older thread by another guy here and followed the instructions:

1) However, when I switch to tablet or phone views, the nav bar totally vanished into the bermuda triangle.

2) Another issue, which is the logo (the orange circle), looks like it's centered, but after measuring, it's actually slightly off-center.

Any advice?



On mobile views the navbar turns into the icon. However, if you want the full nav to show on all devices they you can set it that way in settings.

I'd create three areas, the navbar on left, logo in center, and navbar on right. Then address each areas formatting based on each view size.


Hi, are you referring to something like this structure:



Yes, that's the type of structure I'm referring to. I haven't done that in Webflow so I'm not sure how you would want to handle the mobile icon probably not show one but the other.

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