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CH unit in typography - new?

There I was, going about my day in Webflow, when suddenly I see something I haven’t noticed before; “CH”. Am I going crazy, or is this a new feature?

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 10.54.21

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It is new and, as God as my witness, this is AMAZING. It’s using the CSS CH unit, which is hard to explain properly, but essentially limits width so that a set number of characters fit per line.

It’s not fully live yet; Webflow talks about it during the tutorial here, but the actual live page doesn’t have the updates yet. I expect in the coming week, at the latest.

Praise be. Praise be. I’ve spent countless hours wasting away my life setting font sizes & div widths between viewports for an ideal line length. Of course, line length isn’t a be-all / end-all for good typography, but this is certainly a time saver.


It’s up!

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