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Challenge #1 Winners


Thank you to the 4 community members for taking the time to create something awesome! Also, big thanks to the Community Experts for judging the entries.

If you didn't enter, don't worry. We'll be announcing the start of challenge #2 on Friday.

Here are the entries for this challenge:

Calvin & Hobbes by @Matt_g

Calvin & Hobbes by @AlanBorger

Rocket Power by @Waldo_Broodryk

DragonBall Z by @maximus

Honorable Mention to @MinewireNetwork

And the winners are...

2nd place
Calvin & Hobbes by @AlanBorger

1st place
DragonBall Z by @maximus


Thank you to all the participants. We'll be announcing the next Challenge soon.

Stay tuned! smiley


Thank you guys!
Cheers smile



Thank you for adding my site, even though I was late!


Like @PixelGeek said,
Thanks everyone for submitting your awesome work! And congrats @maximus & @AlanBorger!


Huge congratulations @maximus and @AlanBorger, and well done to @Matt_g, @Waldo_Broodryk, and (even though it was a bit late wink) @MinewireNetwork for creating some outstanding sites! Looking forward to seeing what you guys create next!


Was the second challenge posted somewhere @PixelGeek ? smile


@Waldo_Broodryk - smile