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Change text color on click



I want to change the menu text-color when I click on it but i don’t find how. Take note that my menu is not a navbar, I made a custom menu with div.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mathieu_Gesbert

This should help you achieve the desired effect ‘pressed’ aka clicked :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @StuM, thank you for your reply. This is good but not perfect, it only change the font-color when I click but I want the font-color to change completely not only “during” the click, you understand what i’m saying ? (sorry for my english)

Maybe I can try with a classic Menu Button but I didn’t do that because i didn’t find how to custom my navbar like I want


Other than adjusting the styling on element states as @StuM mentioned, it’s also possible to use an interaction to change the font color of an element or even another element. For example, you could have a button and on click the font color of the button changes, or on click the font color for the entire page changes. Lot’s of possibilities.

Here’s a helpful link on trigger interactions.

Happy designing!


Oh god you saved my life man, if fact i thought that these trigger actions were only move i didn’t see the “start an animation” for click trigger.

Thank you so much