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Changed lottie from svg to canvas and the animation disappeared

so like a lot of articles and threads here in the forum suggest i changed my lottie animation from svg to canvas to that it can also work on safari/ios.

but than it completly stopped animating and instead now its a steady image.

info: its a lottie animation “while scrolling”

another info: i made this lottie based on vectors in after effects.

any solutions for that? ^^

Here is my public share link: (scroll to the part where it goes vertically again)

Hi @danyalxy

I was just wandering why do you need to change it to canvas? - I use lottie quite a bit and I never have used “canvas” and never had IOS/Safari issues…

did you have any issues with IOS/Safari lotties? and you have tested it?

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sorry werent in this forum for some time. but saw your comment now.
so yes basically lottie is lacking awful on ios/safari.

check it out here:

when you scroll to approx. the middle there is this japanese sign that should be revealed on scroll…on google chrome its smooth - on safari its a mess. :smiley:

so thats why i tried to change the lottie file to “canvas” because some people mentioned it woukd solve the issue…but no. it makes it worse for me haha…

do you have any tips for that?