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Changing a site from CMS to Basic


Hi I've recently deisgned a small site for a client which had CMS, I now want to make it Basic and go live. I thought I'd deleted all CMS links. I'm struggling to cancel the last two collections. Can anybody help?



hey David. I think you might get the appropriate attention by posting this to the bugs sections since I have not found any unsevered links to any dynamic lists in your project.

The error below is also quite unusual when trying to delete a collection;


Cheers Alex, thanks for the heads-up.


Hello @1960creative, @AlexManyeki,

Correct looks like a common bug, your site might need a force refresh.
I guess @waldo could help you with this

(i've moved the topic to bug)


@1960creative I just pushed a force refresh on your site as it looks like there were some lingering bindings that go away after you press CMD + S (CTRL + S on Windows) and refresh the site in the designer (same thing that a force refresh from my end does), then those collections are deletable.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue :bow:


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