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Changing links on images with Editor


Hi there,

I'm a bit stuck on this one...
In the editor, when I go over an image with a link on it, I get the icon to change the image, but there don't seem to be a way to change the link. Could you help out?



Hi @staff,
Could you help here?


Hello @webflow,

This is a bit of an old post, by I was faced with the issue again today and remembered I didn’t get a reply for this. Am missing something or is it just not possible to modify the link on an image from the Editor?



Do you mean in the actual “Editor” that you give access for clients? Or the Designer - the canvas workspace where you build pages and content?


Hi @garymichael1313,

This is in the actual “Editor” that the client can access, yes.
Digging further into this, I’ve noticed 2 case scenarios:

  1. When using a “Link Block” with a background image: I can edit both link and background image in Editor as I get the cog icon in the Editor offering both options

  2. When using a “Link Block” with a an image added inside that block: I can only edit the image. I don’t get the cog icon but the image icon in Editor

Would that be the expected behaviour?


I’m actually not sure, I haven’t sent the Editor out to a client yet. Hopefully someone else in the community can offer expectation.

But at the very bottom of each element, in the styles panel. It has a check box for “Collaborators can edit”. Did you change this?


Nop, I haven’t touched that check box. Collaborators should be able to edit…