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Changing size of portfolio image previews


I am trying to change the size of the preview picture for my portfolio images. I would like the site to stay responsive. When I do this i cant get it to hug the side of the site.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Try setting the parent container to flex, space-between


Awesome, that worked...Now how do I set the size of each box to be something different?


If they have the same class, just give it a width.


I just did that and it stretches the image...


How are you doing it? Could you post your public share link please?



To avoid stretching images, I would normally use a background image, setting: center/cover


Nit sure what that means and where to do that... I would like when the site gets bigger or smaller in a browser, you never see a white border on top or bottom of the image.


I think what @samliew meant is rather than use the image element, add a div block, go to the paint brush panel, add a background image to the div, and then press contain. :slightly_smiling:

Hope this helps.


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