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Changing Stripe account



I’m currently building a ecommerce site and would like to try out the stages of “Add to cart” and “Checkout” stage.
I understand that we have to connect a Stripe account in order to even test it.
So I was thinking to create my own test account on Stripe and connect it to my project.

Question is if when I’m ready to deliver the project, will I be able to switch the Stripe account from mine to the clients?

Thanks in advance


Hey man,
I tried this before a while back. They told me no because of the security issues being attached to an actual bank account. You’d have to keep yours, then create a separate one for the client. They wouldn’t let simply go in and change the name and bank account. But that was about a year/half ago. I contact their support and got an answer bank in a few days. Hopefully they let you. Good Luck!

I was able to test using both though, using the test cards in (test mode). Then when needed to go live just attached the client account to the gateway.


Thank you for the info.


No you cannot exchange accounts. It trigger security issues. I have tried to do so once.