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Changing the "lang" attribute of the html tag



I’m building a multilingual website with a App that refer to the “lang” attribute of the html tag before the “head”.

In project setting->custom code i can change the tag but i need to change it on specific page, can you explain me the trick to make that append please?

Thanks in advance.!



Hi @SmartWeb

Try checking the bottom of your your custom code settings page:


Hello @PixelGeek You didn’t read my post and didn’t see me attached file… I know this option.

I want to change this setting on a single page of the project, do you know how i can do this?

For example:

  • Home page -> FR
  • Product page -> EN

Thanks in advance.


my apologies. I don’t think there is a way to change it per page. I’ll ask the team and see if there is a way.


@PixelGeek Ok thank you.

Maybe via JS after the head or before the body section?