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Chatbots for websites


Thinking :thinking: about chatbots…

What are your thoughts? Do they save time, convert etc? Can you recommend any good 1’s that work well with webflow (of course) Thanks :pray:


Hello @RoseWebStudio

It depends on your project, if your site is high traffic and need a lot of interaction to convert visitors then is definitely worth it, if you don’t have that much traffic and the enquires can be dealt through email then a simple submission form would do.

I use a couple of them an they integrate really nice with Webflow (any chatbots these days can be integrated adding a few lines of code)

I use Crisp and Freshchat.

The first one I normally use it for clients who just need a way to be contacted quickly and where they can resolve issues there in the chat. The second one I use it for my own company because you can convert conversations into tickets to give a much detailed support if needed, freshchat is part of a more complete suite for customer management Freshworks.

Hope this helps.


Thank you :pray: I will check them out