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Check out my brand spankin' new Digital Portfolio!


Hi! Here's my first attempt at a personal portfolio page, I'm really excited to get some feedback and constructive criticism on it. Based off the Incredible template, but all graphics are my own smile

Let me know what you think!


Good job! smiley
Love that glasses hehehe


very cute! Great job! smile

i love the icons you made.


Lovely icons! smile could possibly animate them a little like you did with the glasses smile


Looks really good @emilygillis ! keep up the good work smile Cheers,


Thanks for the feedback! I did a little experiment with having them gently bounce up and down, but thought it might be hard to read if they were moving all the time. I'll try having them do one little scroll wiggle and see how that looks smile


Just got a chance to view the site on desktop, it looks lovely! smiley

I was referring to maybe saving out the icons as different images or svgs, and animating them to interact with one another, may take a little more time, I just love making css animations haha. smile

Wonderful job! I know who to go to when it comes to great color selections. smile


Very cute!! Like the icons and font used! smile

I would consider increasing paddings for a more smooth view, but that's just my opinion!

Great work