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Choose a Hero Section!


Hi everyone! I have a website due to a client in 2 days. I have most of the sections complete, but the hero section keeps bugging me. I decided to make 3 versions, so let me know which one you like best and it would be even better to add what you think should be changed. Also, if you choose box, let me know of color suggestions because I can't get them to lay well together.




Thanks! :smiley:


Definitely #1 or #2, although i do think #2 isn't really unique. I'd say enhance #1 a bit more :smiley:


Hey @MinewireNetwork

I Dont like the 3rd the 1st one is a bit busy but again i feel the 2nd is very plain so i would say try and make the 1st a bit less busy.

I feel your pain about choosing color it can make or break a design plus takes alot of time and head scratching to get right :smiley:



Thanks for the quick replies!

@DharmaNode How would I enhance it if @Ahmadz839 is saying that it is too busy? Haha :smiley:


Maybe make it a bit larger instead of cropping it in a tiny space, makes it feel like there's much more room if you know what i mean haha.


@MinewireNetwork its just my opinion its up to you after all :smile:

Im recreating it in webflow currently will post a screenshot when done making it less busy :smile:


Wow, taking the extra mile!

I'll try that out @DharmaNode, thanks. :smiley:

Adding more space made a huge difference!


Exactly! Are we telepathic?:frowning::grinning: :smile:

Keep it like you have it now, it looks awesome.


Haha that's hilarious! I thought @Ahmadz839 was creating one and then you posted one. I might make the border as small as yours, though.


I didn't make it in webflow though, just a quick draft in Illustrator. I actually like your line thickness more but you should choose what you think fits most.


Oh, I meant that I will make the spacing inside the border slightly smaller, but I am keeping the thickness. Thanks!


Here are my additions :smile: I guess i am a bit late :smile:





That is very nice as well! I'll try to find a fine medium between yours, @DharmaNode and mine. :smiley:


Good luck if you need any more input im here :smiley:


I would say, this option feels most elegant from all here :smile:


I'd pick #2.... and whatever background you decide to go with.... I'd add a slight drop shadow so it stands out from the background more. And in my opinion that dark bar behind real estate versions throws it off and takes away from the Stern name.

If I were to pick another it would be the last one you posted with the added space. Although I'm still not a fan of the dark bar or the "Real Estate" font, it looks a lot better than #1, in my opinion.

Nice work & good luck.