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Clean up unused CSS Classes does not work

It is not possible to clean up unused classes. This issue i have often. Can you please take a look:

There are minimum 10-15 classes i do not use. All who start with “Header”.

Hi Bettina,

are these some of the styles you are trying to remove?

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Yes. How can i remove them?

Hi Bettina,

Made a video to show and explain.

By copy to @Waldo,

Is this expected behaviour?

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Thank you so much! But i have now again two classes i can not remove. “ALT Footer” and “ALT Footer Logo Image”.
Greetings from germany :slight_smile:

Hi Bettina,

sorry for the delay in my reply.

Looks like you are still using those 2 classes.

See below:

ALT Image Logo

ALT Footer


Thank you so much! I fixed all :slight_smile:


great work @knk …very helpful.:grinning::grinning:

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