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Click hides scrolling element for good


I've looked around in the forum and don't see this question answered. Forgive me if it has been.

I have a webinar invitation box that starts off hidden. It scrolls up when the main text gets to 75% from bottom and stays there until footer shows. I also have a "close" button in the invitation box so that the user can get rid of it immediately.

Here's the issue I'm not figuring out... how do I get the box to stay hidden, no matter how much the user scrolls up and down on the content that originally triggered the box. I don't want them to have to click again.

I'm providing the link to the "live" site because I don't want to have to explain how to get to this page on my shared site. You will see the box keeps coming back with continued scrolling. I want it to stop after one click on the close button.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @ctotty, thanks for your question on the interaction. Could you share with us your read-only link to the designer and some screenshots of the affected elements/interaction/classes from the designer? That will help to get this resolved a lot faster :smile:


Oops! I should have taken this question down for now. I decided to just have the webinar invitation appear with a button click, rather than a scrolling event. That way, it's a click on, click off with no scroll trigger. Because I changed it, sharing my site wouldn't do any good to show you now. :smile:

Thanks for the quick response. Perhaps later, I will re-create it and provide what you requested so I can see how to do it for the future. For now, I have to just keep going forward on the project.



Hi @ctotty, no problem, thanks for letting me know :smile: