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Click to Show/Hide Text


I am trying to follow the video for "How to Click to Show/Hide Text", but right off the bat, I don't have the same options. When I create a text block inside of a div block and then try to set the "interactions", I don't have any options to do so. When I go to the settings, I have, in this order, these things:
ID: (which is set to "for in-page linking" - NO idea why it says that...and I can't change it
Tag (DIV) (but I have the same problem if I go to the text)
Custom Attributes - if I click the "+" there, "data-custom" appears in both boxes and cannot be changed.

That's it. In the tutorial, there is a whole page full of stuff you can change. Not on my screen frowning

Thanks in advance!


Hi, the interaction panel has been moved on the far right a few months ago. There are not a lot of UI changes so don't be afraid.


ah HA! So it is. Thank you for saved the day - again.


Okay so now I'm following the steps in the video (I've done it 3 times now) and nothing is hiding. For review, here is what I have done:

  1. created a text element and given it a class "hidden text block"
  2. created the button and it's class is "button" "show hide"
  3. created an interaction "Display None on Load" and
    *set display to "none"
  4. For the button, I
    *created the interaction "Show and Hide"-
    *set it to affect different element "hidden text block"
    *set the height of the element to 0
    *set it to show 'block' (instead of none)
    *set transition to 0
*created second step....
*set height to 'auto'
*set it to show 'block' because nothing was selected (but even if I don't do this nothing changes)

Click "Preview" nothing happens when I click the button - for that matter, the text is still showing so it never goes away to begin with.

I have followed the video 3 times now and I'm getting so frustrated. I'm sure it's something little and stupid that I'm not doing or not doing right but I'm not catching whatever that is. I did click "Done" each step of the way.

Thanks in advance. Some day I'll get this site done...maybe smile


sigh I think it's working...we will see...sorry


I got this to work, but I know it's costly and time consuming, but new videos that match the current webflow setup would be tremendous to those of us who don't just naturally figure stuff out smile


That describes me well when it comes to Javascript (: I could wear a "I don't just naturally figure stuff out" teeshirt (: