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Clickable Image to URL or Section


I'm sure this can be done...

click on image... browser redirects to a URL or section.

I have a Pressed Status on an image - but cannot find a place to add a url


You need a link <a> element.

Drag a link block from the Add panel and put your image inside. Put the link on the link block.


Well that's about the biggest brain fart I've had in a while.
I looked and looked and didn't see the obvious.

Thanks Vincent ! smile


I wished I had known you better to make fun of you :- D (also you avatar is a ninja and you don't make fun of ninjas, right?)


ehhh. If you get to know me
- you will see I am a pretty laid back
- quiet type of person
- who loves listening to music
- while I create the impossible.

And it's a baby ninja... so they are cute, fuzzy, and lovable smile

I have 2 of them.

It's the adult one's you gotta watch out for.