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Client billing in Germany, should 19% tax be charged?

Hello dear German Webflow felows ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was wondering how you usually charge your clients being a freelancer in Germany. Should the tax be 19% Umsatzsteuer (VAT) or simply 0% as Webflow is based in the USA and hosting is a digital service ? I’d like to fully comply with the law but the law isn’t that clear :thinking:


I think I might have answered my question. I found that “Umsatzsteuer” (VAT) should only be charged for services rendered inside the country. Since Webflow is based in the USA, I probably do not need to charge my clients for an “american service”. Would someone be able to confirm ? Below is the german text I found on wikipedia:

Umsatzsteuer fällt immer dann an, wenn im Inland eine Dienstleistung durch ein Unternehmen erbracht oder eine Ware gegen Entgelt geliefert wird. Der Normal-Steuersatz beträgt 19 Prozent. Für bestimmte Umsätze gibt es eine Steuerbefreiung (§ 4 UStG) oder einen ermäßigten Steuersatz von zurzeit 7 Prozent.

Also, do you know how much Stripe charges for credit card processing fees for someone like me living in Germany ? is it 2,9 or 3,5 % of the total amount charged to the client ? Has anymone experience with it ? The Webflow documentation states:

The credit card processing fee varies depending on the country you’re in, ranging from 3 to 3.5% of the total charge.

I found that information on Stripe’s website but I am not sure those numbers really apply to the Webflow context… any idea ?

Hope someone can help clarify :slight_smile: