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Client doesnt want to support amazon (AWS)

Wondering if there is any way to use webflow without having to also support AWS.


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This is a difficult one… I’ve had one such request recently.

We were just completely honest and explained where any AWS use is in the whole chain (using Webflow as a tool supports AWS for instance) but that it’s extremely difficult to avoid such a huge provider (especially when it’s our primary host, and we’re in the process of switching our DNS over to AWS!)

They wanted to completely avoid as much as possible, so we ended up building a WordPress website and hosted on a DigitalOcean VM. Your client may be more open to having a Webflow site and code exported for hosting elsewhere though. Best to talk through the possible touch points and see what they’re willing to accept.

Simply said, you can’t!
Webflow itself has AWS deeply integrated for almost all aspects. Not only that, many third-parties WF uses behind the scene also run on AWS. If you want to use WF, you will support AWS.

May I ask why the client is unwilling to use AWS? Also Google Cloud?