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Close dropdown menu


I really dont know why this is not built in - its simply a no brainer that you want to close the dropdown when you click the link. Its astonishing.

Anyway, ive tried everything. this is the latest:

('.dropdownmenuitem').on('click', 'a', function() { (’.dropdownmenu’).triggerHandler(‘click’);

Doesnt work. Tried the other way to remove the w–open from all div and nav but then I face this annoying issue that I need to click twice on the dropdown to open it again.

Please any help really appreciated. Such a simple thing is turning out to be hell.

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Hello @mknee :raised_hands:

Maybe you can find an answer here > Ability to close Dropdown Menu after link is clicked

Piter :webflow_heart:


Doesnt help. I am already using

("a").click(function(){ (“nav”).removeClass(“w–open”);
("a").click(function(){ (“div”).removeClass(“w–open”);

in the form of

('.dropdownmenuitem').each(function(){ (this).click(function(){
("nav").removeClass("w--open"); (“div”).removeClass(“w–open”);

It closes the dropdown but I need to click twice after to open it again.

Any ideas?


Can you share your read only link?


Its confidential site. I cant share. How can I simulate a click on the body which should close the dropdown. Thats built in right


Update answer (March 2019). Works well on Mobile & Desktop.

custom code --> Copy-paste before body:

<!-- close dropdown with links inside on click -->
   $(".w-dropdown-list a").click(function(){