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[closed] Request for proposal: Redesign of our webflow website


We have a company website based on webflow (see read-only link). We want to redesign the whole website (only the design, not the content) and therefore are looking for a design professional who could do this job for us.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to with the following details:
* short profile of who you are
* link to reference websites
* estimate on the amount of time needed for redesigning our website
* rates and conditions
* estimate on additional costs (e.g. istock licenses)

I will make a short list of about three applications out of all tenders and then conduct a Skype get-to-know interview with everybody on the short list. The final decision will be taken based on these interviews.

Legal matters (just in case :slight_smile:): Please note that we reserve any rights in this RFP process. The decision is final, excluding the jurisdiction of a court.

I am looking forward to your tenders. Thank you for application.

Regards, Judith.


sure no problem. take a look here: < all in webflow


Thanks to everybody for their quotes.We have contracted Alan Borger for the redesign of our website.All the best, Judith.

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