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CMS Collection List not linking (hyperlink) to Collection Page


I am having trouble with the CMS. I have a blog page ( and I cannot make the green area (a collection list that only has one post) go to the post. Any thoughts?


Hi @Darren_Cassar

We will need your read-only link to help out with settings :slightly_smiling_face:



How can I do that for one page only?


Hi @Darren_Cassar

It’s not possible for one page only unfortunately. You could make a duplicate of the site and take out anything you don’t want to share from the duplicate.

Or feel free to send me or another moderator a private message if you can’t share the read-only publicly.

Without seeing the settings, my best guess is that you need to drop in a link block to wrap the green area within, then the whole green area should be clickable, and in settings you should be able to link to the post page.


Go to the blog page that is where I have the CMS List


Hi @Darren_Cassar

Yes, it’s as I thought you just need to drop in a link block as a wrapper for that whole tile, or just the green area, once you do that you can them go to link settings and point it to the current blog post. :slightly_smiling_face:

In this example making the whole tile link-able:


Ok thanks :slight_smile: