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CMS/Feature Gallery image error

Hi Guys, I was working on my portfolio design to modify the layout of my case studies, however, the Featured Gallery Image and a few other text fields are no longer appearing on my portfolio. Can anyone assist in helping me understand what may be happening?

This link shows the Featured Gallery image for reference:

This link is the current portfolio that will not show the Featured Image Gallery:

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Hey Judy!

As far as I can see, they display all images accordingly? Can you provide some screenshots of what exactly is missing?

Sure! I can’t see this in my new design, I’m not sure why

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if you see the CMS it’s there, but not showing

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I’m not sure, the collection list that is referenced in that missing section seems not to be present, so the section has no content to display and thus has no height?

I thought i choose the content.

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I found the problem, check the section and all its children for their position values. Some have relativ, static and absolute. Try setting them all to static first and then iterate through them to achieve the desired look.

I don’t know if I did that correctly but still not working :cry:

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it did work :smile: Thank you so much for all your help :blush:

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Sorry for the delay! Glad you made it work!
Did you sort through the display options? It can be daunting when it comes to positioning :slight_smile:

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Yes :grin:
Thank you so much for telling me what should i do, i was completely lost :grin:
my main problem that every time I fix something, something else broke :confused:

:sweat_smile: it can be like that…
If you feel lost again, I might be able to help you out :slight_smile: