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CMS hosting plan needed to add extra collaborator to site


Hi all... here's a video with my question!
How do i add an extra adniministrator or collaberator to a website?



There is no Administrator role, the Designer actually have the admin role.

The only way to add a Designer to a project is to have a Team plan and add collaborators to the team plan.


Thanks Vincent,
I am a littlebit confused now. Is the 6,- euro also counting for my first CMS editor? or is this a text for "What is coming up) :wink:


Hey Koen, the first Collaborator you add is included in the CMS hosting plan so you dont have to play $6 dollars for that.
That's only for after you add a 3rd and more :slightly_smiling:

@webflow Would be nice to mention it on the page that the first one is included to the hosting .. currently its really confusing indeed. (unless you go read all the helpfiles in advance lol )


Thanks Jos, i thought so, but was not sure...