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CMS in Ecommerce


Hi again All folks.

Here is another question i would like to have an answer on. Let’s say i already have a Webflow site using the CMS, in my CMS i already have tables with the same name as the Ecom uses, like product and collection. What will happend?


Hey @JanneWassberg

The following answer is based on my knowledge as an Alpha tester and could be subject to change.

If you have cms collections with the slugs /product and /category, in order to enable Eccommerce it’ll ask those collections to be renamed first.

If you need to move products from an existing cms collection to the new ones, that will be done using the CSV import/export functionality.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what to expect.


Yep, what @matthewpmunger said – currently, you will need to rename the existing CMS collections and slugs using those that are required for Ecommerce to be enabled.

We do hope to make this more flexible in the future – allowing you to rename or use different slugs for your special Ecommerce collections, similar to how we enabled slug renaming for standard CMS collections. But that is not possible at this time.