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CMS Item List - images nestle together



I am trying to get the portfolio section images to ‘nestle’ together. I am struggling to do it. I have tried lots of ways but I cant get it to work.

for example at the moment each image is in a separate column, I want the images to bunch up, so for example the Ferrari and the drinks are the same hight combined as the food shots either side. So I want them on top of each other.

I have had it part working, where some images do this and other don’t. But I can get it to work consistently.

Any help would be great!


Here is my site Read-Only:


Did you ever get this issue worked out?


Hi, thanks for your reply.

Not really. I have a work around in place but its not ideal.

Is there an simple way to do this?



Sure, If you buy me a Large Caniac Combo with sweet lemonade (to go)… I’ll do a quick video you can follow, how’s that sound? :sunglasses:


I have a feeling there are a few to many miles between us for me to get you one, but if i could I would :-):sunglasses:


:cry:Oh oh alriiiigty then… you sold me. Its going to be your initial image div. Give me a sec I’ll post one here using your read only …

  • Forgot:
    The headers may need adjusting as well, if they’re supposed to line up with the photos.


cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Garymichael1313

thanks for the video. I have just been working through it.

Really helpful, thanks for taking the time.


No problem, I hope it helps. See ya.