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CMS Lightbox > Unique Collection Pages


Hey guys, once again.

My second thread today, but I’m running into problem after problem here with my project and got such good help last time that I thought I’d give it another go.

What I’m basically trying to create is a real estate agency website with loads of listings, where each listing will contain a series of images related to that specific listing. So, I’ve spent days looking for solutions to add an image series bound to a unique collection page.

I’ve tried what is suggested in this thread to no avail:_ Full CMS Lightbox!

… as well as this, unsuccessfully:_ Dynamic Lightbox with CMS Workaround - Works Perfectly

If anyone has any idea and time to help out, feel free to visit my site link. The lightbox is located on the “Bostader Template” CMS Collection page.:



PS. Feeling broken and bruised, but not beaten. Yet. :sweat_smile:


The main problem of webflow 2018. No easy solution for images (over 1700 wishlist votes for this feature).

Do you have mockup example? Or live example from another site?


Hey Siton!

Yes, a huge problem actually. Haven’t done a major project in Webflow until now — however, now it’s become very evident there are big limitations to it.

Here’s a pic from the design file, showing what I’m looking to achieve:


Hey @timgabe check this out! Been working on this and wanted to share it with you!
Full Lightbox feature using CMS collections. Super easy to use.

This cloneable project uses Magnific Popup Jquery plugin to make everything so easy. Literally just a few lines of code and that’s it!