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CMS Multi-Image Grid Layout Question

Hey everyone, just wondering if something like this is possible. In grid, you can stretch a single column and row across multiple in order to extend the grid item. Is this possible on a CMS page using the multiple image block?

Something like this where there is one longer image in the middle of the grid.

Or like this with a portrait photo stretched over 2 rows.

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have a look at this - I think this what you wanted…

Yes I am aware you can make a collection list a grid, which is what I’ve already done, so that doesn’t answer my question. If you look at the images you can see what I am trying to accomplish.

if i understand correctly you want to have some images span several columns - you can do that in a grid by going into grid edit mode and click+drag the image corner to cover two cells in the grid…


Again, I understand that you can do this on a normal page with a regular grid. I am specifically asking about CMS pages only. Has anyone found a work around with dragging the corners of grid elements using the multi-image function on a CMS item?

It looks like it is not a feature that is available in webflow currently…

Yeah I figured it wasn’t. Soon hopefully but in the meantime I figured out a little work around. Thanks!