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CMS multi-reference Zapier Integration via API ID

Hi Guys!

I need some help!

I recently figured out how to use the ID of a given CMS reference-item with Zapier to create a new CMS-item that contains to chosen reference-item.

However, i am running into issues when multiple-ID’s are given (as result of the dropdown feature in a webflow-form with select more on). Zapier or webflow is unable to read the ID’s and gives me an error. I am however, under the impression that working with multi-reference fields is possible.

Has anyone pulled this off?

It would be greatly appriciated! :slight_smile:

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@Waldo Hee Waldo, would you maybe have an idea on this issue?

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It is possible via the API, but I think Zapier has limited support for arrays in records.

Yeah, I have same problem. Would be good to hear what can be done :slight_smile:

Hi all! Did anyone find a solution to this?

Thats the solution right now. API.

From my expierence I had no luck doing it with API ID’s for multi reference fields, It works when one ID is given, but gives an error when more ID’s are given.

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