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CMS slider Conditional Visibility is not working


Hi. I have a basic CMS slider with x5 slides. I’ve set Conditional Visibility on each slide so only slides with content shows. What I can’t understand is that when I add content to a Slide (say just slide 1 only) , Webflow shows that Slide plus another ‘blank one’ despite adding no content to any other slides? For example this page only has content in Slides 1 and 2 yet shows a ‘blank’ slide for Slide 3.

I’ve double checked the Conditional Visibility settings for each slide are set correctly and they appear to be, so I’m confused!

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That’s generally how the dynamic lists work. What I do in a cms slider hack is set the limit items to 1. That way it only shows 1 item no matter what. Hope that solves your issue!


Hi, thanks for your message! I’ve since got around the issue with a tiny bit of custom code that works a treat but thank you anyway!


Hey @ConnectCreativeDes

Would you mind sharing your solution or just the code for the benefit of the community? That would be great if you can. Cheers.


Hi there, I’d love to but just need to check something - the code was written for me as a bespoke solution for this issue, by a company that I pay a support fee to. I’m sure they will be fine with me sharing the solution but feel I need to double check with them before I put it out there.

I’ll message them now and let you know!


Hi there, the solution can be found in a video on this facebook page and the video here:

And here’s the code:

(function() { (".w-condition-invisible").remove();

I can add that is a HUGE help in solving issues like this. I’m not affiliated in any way, just a customer. If you run into issues whilst using WF they provide 1 to 1 consultation, producing help videos and great explanations helping to get you back up and running. This slideshow issue is a great example of that! Subscription is very reasonable for the help they provide :slight_smile:


Have exactly the same problem. I tried the custom codes below and doesn’t work… Hope Webflow will be able to fix the bug soon.


Did you watch the video through?