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Code Export Fails


This bug coincided with the appearance of the new feature in the Publish Panel (image attached) that allows selection of publication options.

Publishing takes an average 1:30 m (standard as the website is large).

Code export never proceeds post loading code stages (>15 minutes). As early as previous week code export took ~ 3 minutes (standard for this website).

No major site changes outside of copy updates have occured in the meantime.

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Hey @Dimony!

Thank you for reaching out in regards to this issue, I’m here to help.

This is an odd experience, and I’m going to need to further check on what could be going on here with some other teammates.

I’ll keep you up to date as soon as possible when I get further insight into what could be going on here.

My best,

This is still occurring. Or rather technically not occurring : ).

Anecdotally my Designer has become really choppy in the past month. While site complexity remained same, and page complexity simplified in several pages.

Complexity is above is used as ”large number of page elements and nesting”.

This is not particularly confidence inspiring.