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Code help - count number of cms items



I have seen this post - Adding a dynamic item that counts the number of posts in a collection

Anyone with experience of adding this to webflow? If so can you send me the code and how to get it to work? Perhaps there is a script out there somewhere, although having search extensively not found anything so far.

Thanks very much you lovely people…

Code to count number of posts in multiple collections

so the trick could be to drag in the collection list, set it to display none, but still count the number of posts in jQuery:

Screen Recording 2017-10-12 at 09.50

blogNumber = $('.blog-post').length;


hope this helps :slight_smile:

Reference number of items added into a multi-reference field?

Thank you…that is exactly what I needed


Hi, I’m trying this same code on my site to give a count of all blog posts, but I need it to be able to add multiple collection lists together. I have over 200 blog posts so I have a collection list displaying items 1-100 and then 101-200 and 201-300. is there a way to tweak this code to do this? Thank you!