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Hey guys! New to the whole Webflow thing and I’ve worked for the past year to compile a massive archive of helpful free content to establish a free resource for entrepreneurs that breaks down the most confusing aspects of content marketing via step by step guides. However I’m running into issues because a few of these guides have a total of 60+ steps (7 phases broken down into 10 steps/tasks). Unfortunately I’m told that webflow only allows me to have a total of 40 fields per collection item. Can you guys help me figuire out a work around for this please? I have business hosting so I’m maxed out on all limitations. To get to the page I’m referencing, head to:

Collection Page Templates - Guides (G9) is the most populated.
On that page, head to the Tasks tab.

I’m on a somewhat tough timeline so any help is much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:


Took a quick look - this thought might push the limitations of Webflow in another way, but have you tried reversing the relations between the Guides, Guide Phases and the Tasks? What I mean by this is:

  1. Create three Collections: Guides, Guide Phases, and Tasks
  2. Each Task has a single relation to one Guide Phase
  3. Each Guide Phase has a single relation to one Guide

This would be instead of having a multi-relation from Guides to Guide Phases, and all those fields in the Guide Phases for the Tasks… you maxed out the fields in the Guide Phases for Tasks but what if you need one more?

I don’t know if this will work 3 Collections deep, but I have used this solution to create something 2 Collections deep with success. One place I used this solution was for a portfolio website where I wanted a variable amount of images per project, so instead of creating X amount of image fields in my projects, I made a multi-relation in another Collection called Project Images and every item was one image that referenced the project it belonged to. Then, from within the individual project pages, I could find all related images from the Project Images Collection and voila. There could be three, there could be 20 images populated on the page.

Just a thought.


That’s exactly what i started doing! Only I reduced it to 2 collections, Guide Content & Guide Phases, where each item in the phase collection equals 1 Phase and (x) number of Tasks/Steps. I’m curious if I can set up some sort of conditional visibility filter for the individual tasks based on whether or not that element is set in the CMS.


Just tried it out, it works perfectly! Thanks alot @feeei - you the


@Emmanuel_Kaska Was about to write a reply but if your issue is solved then great :+1:t2:

PS. It’s a sweet looking site. The minimal and spacious layout helps the legibility and order of all the juicy content you have.