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Collection IDs can change?

I hesitate to even ask this, as I’m sure it is a problem on my end, and not with Webflow. That being said, is it possible for Collection (and Item) IDs to change over time?

My application is powered by the Webflow API and I’ve begun to notice more and more 404 responses from the API. After some investigation, I discovered that this was happening because the Collection IDs stored in my database no longer match the Collection IDs in Webflow. I know this because the slugs still match.

This was very surprising, as I would not expect the primary identifier to change. Is there a scenario where this could happen?

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Hi @cspags, thanks for your post. Collection IDs can change under the following circumstances:

  1. The site is restored from earlier version
  2. The site is duplicated

Let me know if any questions and thanks in advance.

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@cyberdave thanks so much for your reply and the information. I was not aware of the first scenario, restoring from a backup. Is there any way to detect when a backup is restored? I checked to see if a webhook gets triggered or any data on the Site model changes (thought maybe the database field), but neither happened.

Ultimately though, knowing this now, it looks like the solution is to rely on the Collection slug. Even though users can modify this field, it’s a rather severe action, hence the redirect warning that the Webflow editor provides.

Thank you again, really grateful for the helpful reply.

I’m also having the same problem. My collection IDs keep changing and breaking my integrations.

I don’t recall having manually restored any backup or duplicated my website.

Is there any other reason why this might be happening?

I also have this problem, in my case because of backups (which is not obvious at all ) Are you going to fix this problem? I would like to be able to restore the site from earlier version so that the ids remain unchanged.

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Hi @Elena_Laenko,

At this time, anytime you restore from a previous version the Collections and item IDs will change. I am not sure if this will be fixed in the near future. But this has to do with a reverting of the database.

You can add this to our wishlist if you wish:

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

@cyberdave @WebDev_Brandon Please add a warning before a backup is restored, so people who rely on the IDs will think twice.

That has been added as it seems

It’s crazy how many things the backup can mess up, all the reference and multi-reference fields, not even talking about API and zappier. Need backup of the back up. Wait? If i back up to the version before backup will it be fixed or it will generate another random set of ID?


For every backup restore done, new CMS Item and Collection IDs will be created.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon