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Collection Page Linking?


Trying to set link block to a collection page, but when I go to select pages, I only see my regular pages as an option and not the purple cms icon page where I can select a collection page.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hello @20G

What you’re asking for is not possible if you’re not using the collection list element. You can create a CMS collection called PRINTING SERVICES and use collection list element to display the services and link them.

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@20G Right now I’m seeing that you have a collection with the printing services, but the collection is with another name. Let me show you how you can achieve the linking. I will record a screen video and I will paste the link.

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Thanks! My collection that i have is called Print Products


I just wanted to tell a Link block to go to an new a page. That page being a collection page…


Yes, I understand. You need to use a collection list element. I’m recording my screen now and I will paste the link here.

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Thank you for you time helping me!


No problem! Here you can see what I’m doing >

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I see now, first I just made a regular grid and filled it up. Then made a collection and that was backwards. The collection list is the 1st step in linking to a collection page. Thanks again! This was really powerful for me.


No problem! I’m happy to help :blush:

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